Climate Change Mitigation, Agroforestry, and Forest Conservation

internship Highlights

  • Work closely with NGO staff, farmers, and local agronomists experienced in forest conservation, agroforestry, agronomy, participatory community development, social entrepreneurship, and sustainable farming

  • Learn about international efforts to mitigate climate change and be part of interventions in the region alongside local community farmers

  • Implement projects that align with organizational goals to create more resistance to climate change

  • Learn about Amazonian cultures and their connection to organic agriculture, ethnobotany, agroforestry, and plant medicine

  • Live in a beautiful, rural community with an indigenous host family

  • Participate in other cultural events, such as:

    • Guayusa tea ceremonies

    • Ecotourism adventures to waterfalls and indigenous communities

    • Medicinal plant remedy workshops

    • Amazon Forest to Table Feast

daily activities

  • Research and analyze changes in the chakra system associated with production of cacao and other local products

  • Participate in activities in your community - recognized as “The Village of Cacao and Chocolate” by a network of NGOs supporting development and community tourism in the region

  • Collect environmental data about native species in farms and chakras

  • Interview locals about their ancestral knowledge of selecting, saving, and planting seeds with the goal of identifying practices that help crops withstand dramatic environmental conditions

  • Attend community meetings and workshops related to development

  • Hike through farms and rainforest trails to do seed collecting and farming

  • Complete your own research relating to climate change mitigation with the support of experienced staff

  • Conduct language tutoring and exchanges with kids and community members [English, Spanish, Kichwa]

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