Indigenous History, Cultures, and Traditions

internship Highlights

  • Learn about Amazonian cultures during your immersion living with a local family

  • Support local traditions and customs through active participation in events, workshops, and community tourism

  • Collaborate with different ministries to understand cultural preservation, community tourism, and other initiatives

  • Collaborate on a historical preservation initiative with local youth and community leaders

  • Opportunities for personal research related to indigenous customs, community and eco-tourism, cultural preservation and modernity, and more

  • Participate in other cultural events, such as:

    • Guayusa tea ceremonies

    • Ecotourism adventures to waterfalls and indigenous communities

    • Medicinal plant remedy workshops

    • Amazon Forest to Table Feast

Daily Activities

  • Collaborate with local initiatives in cultural and historical preservation

  • Attend community events, such as morning tea ceremonies or cultural dance practices

  • Interview community members and gather primary source accounts of your host community’s history, heritage, and traditions

  • Help your host family with daily household tasks

  • Journey into your host family’s chakra (traditionally-planted, agroforestry farm) to help harvest products and learn how each plant relates to their livelihoods

  • Trek into the rainforest with local guides to learn about the flora and fauna and their uses as medicines and for rituals

  • Share stories of your home culture and traditions with locals, practicing storytelling skills

  • Conduct language tutoring exchanges with community members [English, Spanish, Kichwa, etc.]

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