Amazonian Arts: Pottery, Jewelry, Weaving, Dance, and Music

internship highlights

  • Shadow masters in ceramics and pottery, and learn how they use all-natural ingredients to create most materials

  • Learn about and contribute to solutions relating to the challenge of commercializing local art forms for economic development

  • Gain experience in designing and implementing art and music workshops for kids and adults in schools, shelters, and at-risk youth after-school programs

  • Practice your own works of art and dance to share with locals and at workshops and weekly classes

  • Organize workshops in your community back home to share your art projects and what you learned

  • Forge meaningful relations with locals while living with a host family that practices many traditional art forms

  • Participate in other cultural events, such as:

    • Guayusa tea ceremonies

    • Ecotourism adventures to waterfalls and indigenous communities

    • Medicinal plant remedy workshops

    • Amazon Forest to Table Feast

daily activities

  • Apprentice with a local expert in an art form you are interested in such as dancing, painting, weaving, or jewelry-making

  • Attend community pottery or art workshops and teach topic-based, art workshops in local schools and nonprofits, for example: recycling, environmental conservation, leadership, self-esteem, etc.

  • Attend music and dance classes led by community members

  • Hike through farms and rainforest trails to collect natural materials for drawing, jewelry-making, and ceramics

  • Share art forms and dance from your home country with community members via workshops or mini-classes

  • Participate in art and dance presentations throughout the province

  • Learn to weave baskets which are used to carry harvested produce

  • Assist local indigenous associations with graphic design and marketing for their pottery, jewelry, and other art forms

  • Complete an art project using local materials and your acquired knowledge, showcasing it during a final project event in your community

  • Conduct language tutoring exchanges with community members [English, Spanish, Kichwa]

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