Our internship programs are designed to fully immerse participants in Amazonian ecology and cultures while offering the opportunity to collaborate with local counterparts on a variety of projects. We offer internships in different focus areas - ranging from public health to culinary arts!


General Information for All Internships

We accept participants on a rolling basis throughout the year and recommend a minimum of 8 weeks, with a maximum stay up to one year. Preferred starting dates for summer 2018 are Monday, May 28. and June 18 (you will need to arrive the day before).

Our internships are located in the Napo region of Ecuador, and there are many opportunities for travel and field research outside of the region. Participants will stay with local host families during their program.


Program Fees

Our immersion program has a $250/week fee which includes the following:

  • Pre-departure orientation

  • 3-day in-country orientation

  • Host family with three meals

  • 24/7 medical assistance and emergency response.

  • 1:1 coaching and check-ins with staff to support personal and professional growth

  • Re-entry orientation

  • Alumni network

Not included in our fee:

  • Food during in-country orientation (about $15/day)

  • Travel expenses

  • Visa costs

  • Mandatory travel medical insurance

  • Necessary vaccination costs

 For more information on our long-term programs or to apply please email Andy at