Amazonian Forest Foods and Culinary Arts

internship highlights

  • Live with an indigenous Kichwa host family who are experts in the foods and plants of the forest

  • Hands-on experience in Farm to Table (Forest to Table) methodology and sustainable agroforestry

  • Collaborate with a rural indigenous family to help make their restaurant into a main attraction in the region  

  • Collaborate part-time in a botanical garden, public park with a tree nursery, community tourism restaurant, and more

  • Opportunities for personal research related to culinary techniques, edible forests, farm and agroforestry systems, and more

  • Participate in other cultural events, such as:

    • Guayusa tea ceremonies

    • Ecotourism adventures to waterfalls and indigenous communities

    • Medicinal plant remedy workshops

    • Amazon Forest to Table Feast

Daily Activities

  • Collaborate directly with cooks and farmers as they navigate the intersection of contemporary and traditional cuisine in the Ecuadorian Amazon

  • Learn alongside local cooks, agro-forestry specialists, and plant experts to gain an understanding of traditional plants, their uses, and their importance in traditional medicine and cooking

  • Shadow cooks and Amazonian enterprises to learn about current initiatives happening with traditional rainforest products

  • Use your creativity to invent your own plates and dishes with local products

  • Learn about and participate in the agro-forestry methodology

  • Contribute to work in the chakra (traditional-planted agroforestry farm) by planting and harvesting products

  • Work to create and clear trails in medicinal plant gardens or chakras

  • Guide visitors and support other community and ecotourism initiatives

  • Research and assist with initiatives of local community tourism associations that are aiming to increase the use of forest products throughout the region and country

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