Galapagos: Sustainable Agriculture, Food Systems, & Conservation

internship Highlights

  • Collaborate with a farm that has been researching how to achieve autonomous, resilient, chemical-free, regenerative, and profitable agriculture in the Galapagos islands

  • Learn methods of sustainable agricultural production and food systems from experts

  • Contribute to the islands’ food security, soil conservation, and regeneration

  • Gain experience in the maintenance, design, and implementation of sustainable agriculture systems and permaculture systems

  • Forge meaningful relations with locals while living with a host family

  • Participate in an on-going project at the farm, such as:

    • Building rain water collectors

    • Contributing to the bio-diesel project

    • Supporting the main house, garden, and cafe on the property

    • Researching new permaculture systems

Daily Activities

  • Maintain the vegetable seedbeds

  • Assist with seed germination processes and take care of the seed banks

  • Construct apparatuses and design new permaculture systems

  • Assist with the maintenance of the garden by weeding, excavating, making compost, pruning, applying natural fertilizers, and more

  • Reforest native or endemic plants

  • Conduct personal research or study:

    • Water use and conservation; new water captation systems

    • Improvement of soil texture

    • Improvement of soil nutrients (regeneration of soil)

    • Human or natural innovations to control pests such as rats and wild cats

  • Support  the farm’s marketing and social media

  • Conduct language tutoring exchanges with staff and community members [English, Spanish]

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