Traditional Indigenous Midwifery and Amazonian Plant Medicine

internship Highlights

  • Live with one of the midwives and her family in a rural community   

  • Collaborate with an indigenous women’s association of midwives and traditional healers  

  • Gain hands-on experience in the fields of midwifery, plant medicine, herbalism, ethnobotany, and public health  

  • Collaborate part-time in health clinic, hospital, or governmental health organization to compare traditional and mainstream public health practices

  • Opportunities for personal research and to create community-based projects

  • Participate in other cultural events, such as:

    • Guayusa tea ceremonies

    • Ecotourism adventures to waterfalls and indigenous communities

    • Medicinal plant remedy workshops

    • Amazon Forest to Table Feast

Daily Activities

  • Shadow and assist the midwives with patient check-ups, births, and follow-up appointments

  • Identify local primary medicinal plants and their importance in traditional medicine

  • Learn how to make products from native plants including salves, tinctures, soaps, and shampoos

  • Shadow healers and shamans to gain a holistic understanding of local medicine traditions

  • Establish working relationships with the midwives, healers, and assistants to support their engagement with the community

  • Engage in personal projects that support the association’s goal to preserve their culture

  • Contribute to field work in the chakra (traditionally-planted, agroforestry farm) to plant and harvest native products

  • Work to create and clear trails in the association’s medicinal plant garden

  • Guide visitors and support other community and eco-tourism projects

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