Funding your internship pt.2.

Update to the previous post, more possible scholarships:

  • Intern Service Award – Amount: $1,000. Deadline: Dec. 31st annually. Open to all interns at non-profit organizations. Apply to Asia Times.
  • Women’s Leadership Scholarship – Amount: $1,000. Deadline: March 31st annually. Offered to high-achieving women, working as an intern in a non-profit. Apply to AirSafe Research.
  • EU International Intern Scholarship – Amount: $1,000. Deadline: Dec. 31st annually. Open to U.S. and international students, working as interns at a non-profit. Apply to EU Business.
  • Minority College Scholarship – Amount: $1,000. Deadline: March 15th annually. Available to minority students with GPA above 3.0, interning at a non-profit organization. Apply to PakTribune.